How to Hire the Right Keynote Speaker

Posted by Mary Cochran on February 19, 2015
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Whether you are planning for a big corporate event, a college graduation, a seminar, or a convention, it is essential that you hire the keynote speaker to deliver a special message or speech. Keynote speakers can make a huge difference. They can persuade people to accept new and captivating ideas. They can inspire them to take the high road. They can motivate tired, apathetic, and unproductive employees. They also have the ability to draw a crowd and keep their attention drawn to them. If you want to increase the number of attendees in your seminar then it is best to hire a great keynote and motivational speaker.

Here are the steps that you should take in hiring the right keynote speaker for your event:

1. Determine what you want to accomplish –

You have to determine the reasons why you want to hire a speakers. Here are the common reasons:

• You need someone to educate the audience and present new ideas and information.

• You need to motivate your employees to increase your company’s sales, productivity, and revenues.

• You need a strong and reputable speaker to advance a cause or help raise funds for an organization.

• You need someone to be a catalyst of change. You need to shift the behavior of your employees and subordinates to fuel their personal growth and the growth of the company.

• You need someone to entertain the crowd and make the event more interesting.

There are different kinds of keynote speakers. You need to pick someone who is suited to what you want to accomplish. A keynote speaker can be a:

• Motivational Speaker

• Corporate Speaker

• Business Strategist

• Marketing Speakers

• Inspirational speakers

• Trend and technology experts

In picking the right speaker, it is important to determine the demographics of your audience. This will help you find out what kind of speaker the attendees would respond well to. You have to also make sure that the profile and the work done by the speaker in the past is aligned with the vision and goals of the event or gathering.

2. Finalize the specifics –

MotivationYou need to establish the date, theme, budget, and location of your event before picking the right speaker. These factors are very important in determining which speaker is the right one for you. The date helps you determine which speaker is available during the gathering. The location must also be considered as you might want to choose someone who lives within the city to save travel and lodging costs. The budget is also important as this will help you determine which of the reputable speakers you can afford to hire.

3. Call associates and friends and ask for referrals -

Once you have finalized the specifics of the event, you can call some associates and friends to find out if there is someone that they could refer to you. You can also check with your colleagues if they hired or heard about a speaker who could deliver the kind of message you want.

4. Do Further Research –

If cannot get any referrals, you can check the internet. Most keynote and motivational speakers have their own websites where you can find their contact information.

5. Book –

Once you have found the perfect keynote speaker that suits your needs and budget, you now have to close the deal. Some keynote speakers have booking agents so you might have to deal with the agents to finalize the term of the contract and other matters.

Finally, take time to sit down with the speaker of your choice and set proper expectations. This way, you will establish a long and enduring partnership with him.

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